Mosconi ONE 130.4 24V

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RMS Power: 4 x 130 Watt, 2 x 350 Watt @ 4 Ohm
High-Level Input
Front Stage Adjuster
24 Volt Power Supply

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Looking for a powerful and reliable amplifier for your truck or coach? The Mosconi ONE 130.4 24V has been specially developed for use in vehicles with a 24 Volt on-board voltage.

The ONE amplifiers are 100% Made in Italy and combine sound, power and optimal OEM integration. The amplifiers are very compact and they are equipped with built-in High Level Input, Front Stage Adjuster and temperature controlled fan.

High Level Input
Front Stage Adjuster (channel 1 & 2)
Phase controller (channel 3 & 4)
Bypass option
Intelligent cooling system
Highpass / Lowpass filter
Bass remote optional (channel 3 & 4)
Made in Italy
24 volts
High Level input

Do you want to upgrade your audio installation without replacing your original radio? Which can! Mosconi ONE series amplifiers have a high-quality High Level input function with auto remote. With this you can simply connect the amplifier to the speaker outputs of the amplifier. Thanks to the auto remote function, the amplifier switches on and off simultaneously with your existing car radio.

Front Stage adjuster

Do you also prefer to sit centrally in the middle between the speakers? With the FSA control you slow down the sound of the left speakers so that the staging of the sound is optimally reproduced.

Phase regulator

With the built-in Phase Shift controller, the signal of channels 3 & 4 is continuously adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees. This makes it possible to perfectly connect a subwoofer to the front speakers so that the bass becomes one with the music.

Bypass option

With the Bypass function it is possible to connect channels 1 & 2 to channels 3 & 4. In this way you can provide all 4 channels with an input signal with one stereo input.

Intelligent cooling system

Thanks to the temperature-controlled fan, the ONE series amplifiers keep a cool and reliable head at all times. This makes it possible to build the amplifiers in compact spaces where the cooling is not optimal.

Highpass / Lowpass filter

The built-in active crossover can be switched on channel 3 & 4 as a Highpass or Lowpass filter and is adjustable between 45 and 225 Hz.
Channel 1 & 2 have an adjustable Highpass filter.

Bass remote connection

In combination with the separately available RTC Bassremote, it is possible to control the volume of the subwoofer in the front of the car.

Made in Italy

Mosconi amplifiers are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy. From the schematic design to the assembly of the printed circuit boards, nothing is left to chance in order to be able to meet the highest quality requirements.

24 Volt amplifier

The ONE 130.4 24V has been durably tested under the toughest conditions that can occur in a truck to guarantee that long journeys in a truck are no problem for this Mosconi amplifier.

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