GLADEN SQL 12 Extreme”

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12 “Sound Quality Loud subwoofer
RMS Power: 1300 Watt
Impedance: 2 ohms

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SQL stands for Sound Quality Loud, the SQL 12 Extreme sounds very good and also has a considerable dynamic reserve. Thanks to the large 4 “aluminum voice coil, this SMOOTH woofer moves quite a bit of air!

Aluminum SPL frame
4 ā€¯Voice coil
Dual Oversized Nomex Spider
Sewn-in Litz threads
Pressed paper cone
Fiberglass Dust Cap
SPL Frame & Oversized Spider

The SQL woofer is built in a so-called SPL frame. It has extremely large cooling openings for the voice coil and allows the use of extra-large spiders. These big spiders are needed to make the big linear excursion possible.

Pressed Paper Cone

The cone is the most underestimated part of a woofer. It should preferably be light and stiff, but still have sufficient damping to prevent resonances. The cone of the SQL 12 Extreme is made of particularly light, pressed paper. As a result, the moving mass (Mms) of the woofer is lower than comparable woofers. The result is a very dynamic sounding woofer with sufficient SPL reserves for when things have to be louder.

Vented XXL Magnet

The 4 “aluminum voice coil allows a decent load capacity, this is further enhanced by the large cooling openings in the frame and on the backplate of the magnet. In addition, the strong magnet contributes to the high efficiency of the woofer and the balanced parameters that the dynamic enable the sound character of the SQL 12 Extreme.

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