Smart Metal Polish and Protection Kit

Smart Wax

Polish dull and scratched metal and stainless surfaces to highshine.
Remove blueing on metal and stainless surfaces.
Protecting and sealing the metal and stainless surfaces.

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Do you have some dull, blued or scratched metal and stainless parts on your truck and you like to restore it back to highshine? We created a kit for manual polishing to take care of all the metal and stainless surfaces on your truck.

This kit makes chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other metalwork on your truck gleam and look their best while its anti-tarnish formula protects against future oxidation. The orange Hex Logic Hand Applicator in combination with the Blue B Gone metal polish can remove oxidation, blueing and scratches out of the metal surfaces and show some true high gloss shine. Remove the polish residue with the ultra soft Fluffer Microfiber Towel. The SmartSealant is to protect your just polished metal parts to keep the high shine and protect it from the weather influences so it stays intact for a long time. Apply the Smart Sealant with the Blue Smart Microfiber Applicator and let it cure for 20 minutes and wipe off the residue with the Fluffer Microfiber Towel, you can add a 2nd layer for even more shine and protection!.

The Kit contains:
1x Blue B Gone Metal Bottle 4oz / 118ml
1x Smart Sealant 4oz / 118ml
1x Smart Microfiber Applicator Blue
1x Hex Logic Orange Polishing Hand Applicator
1x Fluffer Microfiber Towel

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