About us


As a specialist in providing drivers with a customized interior which fits their needs and personal wishes, we proudly guarantee every customer an interior of outstanding quality. This is why within no time, Special Interior came to be known as the company from Urk. Even a year after moving to Dronten, this alternative name still comes by every now and then.

Our fresh start in Dronten has given us the opportunity to work more efficiently and grow even further. Currently, we can hold more trucks than before and the expansion of the  working space provides a more efficient work flow.


  In this particular market, the best way to get your name out there is by letting your work do the talking. Making sure everything is top notch and build to last, we have a solid base to further grow on as a brand. Our expertise combined with our craftsmanship ensures that even the smaller parts of an interior display a sense of quality.  To us, it doesn’t matter if it’s about a complete interior or a single part; we make sure it’s done right.  

  Making use of top notch fabrics and material, we can constantly work on a demanding level which we maintain to keep our name strong on the market. This quality can be found in everything we make and sell. Products sold on our website and in our store are regularly tested personally by hand to safeguard our standard. The fact that we get a lot of orders from countries all across Europe, proofs that our formula is indeed working.  

The ability to create a working place that also serves as a ‘home away from home’, gives us a unique perspective on the driving experience.         That’s why we are well aware that multimedia plays a key role.

Since audio and multimedia can make a big difference in an interior, we also provide high quality multimedia systems, including speakers, subwoofers, navigation and so on.  We can take care of nearly everything there is and also make sure everything is set up and installed.

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