Truck Interior

For the driver the place where he/she spends most of his/her time. The place where memories are made, and thoughts are born. A second home, a place of comfort, joy, and passion. The environment where the driver sleeps, eats, and spends time of rest, recuperation, and relaxation. A relatively small area where endless days and nights are spent. For many drivers, their pride and joy and a place of looking forward to. At Special Interior, we are more than aware of the influence and impact the interior has on the driver’s experience. Our goal, therefore, is to create a personalized design that meets each driver’s specific wishes and requirements with boundaryless possibilities. Interiors individually tailored to each customer’s exacting expectations using only the very best individually selected materials handcrafted together to create the workplace of your dreams.

Truck interior styling:
From multimedia replacement to a complete individually tailored upholstery overhaul we can do it all. One of our specialties is the upholstery. A new hand-crafted set of seat covers, floor mats or engine covers, personalized curtains, tiebacks, door panels, seat frames, or custom upholstery of your upper bed bottom plate. From individual items to a complete individually tailored upholstery overhaul designed to your wishes, need, or desires. At Special Interior, it is all possible with a wide range of different materials. From the finest leathers to a choice of cloth’s and types of vinyl, we are sure we have the right material available in 1000s of colors to produce exactly what the customer requires.

Interior design goes much further than embroidery or the upholstery of seats or door panels. At Special interior, we will take the interior design to the highest achievable level. Therefore, we are also specialized in audio and multimedia fitting using the latest equipment, offering a large range of all major brands to provide you with the best `in-truck entertainment ‘experience. Custom interior fitting of a high-end audio system, a navigation system, or the installation of a complete multimedia package is all possible with or without sacrificing the interior look of your vehicle. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the endless options and possibilities available.

Purchase of individual items:
Besides the design of a completely new interior look for your truck, we also offer a wide range of individual items to personalize your interior and or exterior. Our webshop offers a wide range of everything you could possibly wish for. From bedding, detailers, coffee machines, or air fresheners to wheel nut caps or old school custom steering wheels. Have a look at our webshop for the entire range of individual items and accessories, all available with a same-day-dispatch on orders before 15:00.

Discuss your ideas:
Do you have special wishes, desires, or ideas for your truck’s new interior? Are you looking for upholstery in ways beyond your imagination or could you use some inspiration? Please let us know by e-mail:, call us on +31 (0) 88 2007 100 or arrange a personal appointment to discuss our endless options.

If you are looking for a completely complete upholstery overhaul custom made to your wishes, we do recommend booking an appointment to visit our workshop and discuss the endless possibilities we offer to meet your wishes and create the interior of your dreams.


Feel free to contact us for more information. Our expert employees are happy to assist you.