Tips & Tricks

Installing side curtains: 

Our curtains are equipped with a pencil pleat attached to the entire top edge of the curtain.
For those who are not familiar with the term pencil pleat, it is a band attached to the top of the curtain with the purpose of connection your curtain to the rail. This pencil pleat consists of pockets equally spaced, sized 1 cm each pocket. The curtain folds best when a hook is attached to the pencil pleat, equally spaced approximately 12 cm (every 12th pocket). You could choose to reduce the spacing between the hooks to allow for more folds in the curtain. It is then however important to note that this might cause the fold in the curtain to detach easier when driven over high thresholds or non-flat surfaces. The ideal fold is created with a hook attached to the pencil pleat every 12cm. If using a 12 cm spacing does not allow for you to connect a hook at the end of the pencil pleat, then consider reducing the spacing between hooks to 11 or 10 cm to guarantee a hook positioned at the last pocket at the end of the curtain. This will create a sharp final fold and make the curtains look best.

Maintain your upholstery. 

With the wide range of materials that we offer (fabric, real leather, artificial leather, etc.,) occasional maintenance is recommended to keep the materials in the best possible state or shape. This will guarantee a long-lasting product life and your interior in the best possible condition. Use appropriate conditioners specific to the material you are treating. Do not overload the products with chemical substances. We supply various cleaning and maintenance products carefully tested by our team. Not sure what product to choose? Click here [link of knop invoegen naar pagina met informatie over de middelen] for a comprehensive overview of how to best maintain our products!


Side Curtains, tiebacks, windscreen strip, bunk curtains & backdrops could all be washed at home. 

 – Curtains can be washed in the washing machine on a program with a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. Spinning is allowed.

 – Individual parts (i.e., front window strip or tieback) containing fringes should be washed within a laundry bag or pillowcase. This to protect the fringes.


Do not put any of the above-mentioned products in a tumble dryer or when using a washer-dryer do not use the drying function. All curtains should be left to air dry to prevent damage to the material.


 – Our curtains should have the natural tendency after washing to smoothen out again. If, however you wish to iron the curtains, this is best done by placing a towel between the fabric and iron and using the steam function of the iron.

 – Individual parts as backdrops, tiebacks, or the front window strip must be ironed after washing. Note: To ironing these items, place a damp cotton cloth between the iron and the material to prevent the fabric from getting shiny and, or melting of the fringes! 

Do not use a tumble dryer or the drying function of a washer-dryer.

Delivery time:

On in-stock items ordered before 15:00, your item will be shipped the same day and can be expected to arrive the following working day. This applies to all orders within The Netherlands or Belgium. For other counties, we aim to deliver within 3-5 working days. 

Note: because of Brexit shipments to the United Kingdom might be delayed by border control.  


Feel free to contact us for more information. Our expert employees are happy to assist you.