Smart Detail

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SmartDetail is a spray-and-wipe wax and quick detail gloss enhancer.

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* Restores a deep, wet-look shine in seconds
* Quick shine & protection between waxes
* Removes finger prints and water spots
* Great for maintaining a “Just Detailed” look

SmartDetail is a spray-and-wipe wax product that restores a just-waxed, deep, wet-looking shine to your car’s paint, trim and glass in a matter of minutes.  Use it after washing to restore slickness, shine and full SmartWax or SmartSealant protection.  Use it between washes to remove light dust, fingerprints, insects and bird droppings. It is also an eco friendly waterless car cleaning product for cars that have light to moderate road grime.

The specialized ingredients in SmartDetail deliver exceptional lubrication for safe wiping and premium wax for beauty and environmental protection.  Like SmartWax and SmartSealant, the SmartDetail instant detail spray is fortified with space age polymers that form a protective barrier and create an intense – rich, deep, wet-look gloss.

The SmartDetail formulation enables this instant detail spray to perform in hot and humid climates without streaking.  Simply mist and wipe for a perfectly detailed finish.  A single spray wipes away fingerprints, water spots, dust and harmful contaminates, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine that lasts!

SmartDetail delivers a freshly detailed, wet-look shine that doesn’t just turn heads, it makes them look twice.  Guaranteed!

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