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Meet our Ceramic Spray Wax. This innovative formula combines ceramic technology with the convenience of a spray. With a few sprays and a gentle wipe, watch your vehicle’s finish transform into a radiant masterpiece. Our Ceramic Spray Wax creates a durable, hydrophobic shield that repels water and dirt, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer. Under the rays of the sun, your vehicle will shine with an unparalleled shine that will turn heads wherever you go. And when the rain falls, it beads off and slides off, leaving the surface of your vehicle untouched. Choose excellence, choose Ceramic Spray Wax and let your vehicle shine with the pride it deserves.



• Ultimate Gloss Enhancement: Achieves a stunning, high-gloss finish on your vehicle.

• Effortless Application: Easy-to-use spray format for quick and easy waxing.

• Ceramic Protection: Forms a durable ceramic shield against environmental influences.

• Water Beading: Promotes water beading for improved water repellency and easy cleaning.

• Long Lasting Shine: Provides long-lasting protection and a brilliant shine for your vehicle’s exterior.


• Note: Always test on a small, inconspicuous area before first use to ensure compatibility.


Find the safety information here: Ceramic Spray Wax


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