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Introducing our Wax & Shine – the key to transforming your vehicle into a shining star on the road! Your vehicle deserves the royal treatment. With a simple application, you’ll see your vehicle’s paint transform into a masterpiece, as if it just stepped out of a luxury showroom. Our formula creates a protective shield. Rain, dust and the sun’s rays are no match for this super-charged wax. Our Wax & Shine is your secret weapon for a showroom finish, every time. Treat your vehicle like the star it is and let it shine on the road!



• High Gloss Finish: Creates a brilliant, high gloss appearance for your vehicle.

• Easy Application: Effortless application for a quick and convenient waxing procedure.

• Protective Wax Layer: Forms a protective wax layer to protect against environmental influences.

• Water Beading: Improves hydrophobicity, causing water to bead off the surface.

• Long Lasting Shine: Provides long lasting protection, maintains a glossy and polished exterior.


• Note: Always test on a small, inconspicuous area before first use to ensure compatibility.


Find the safety information here: Wax Shine


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