Special Collection Vinyl Rubber Plastic Dressing

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Renew and refresh the interior and exterior of your vehicle with our Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Dressing! This is not just any product; it’s the ultimate makeover for your vehicle’s surfaces. With one application you can watch your dashboard, upholstery and other surfaces come back to life. Our specialized formula conditions and hydrates, bringing out the original color that may have faded over time. Say goodbye to matte and faded, and say hello to the refreshed look you’ve been hoping for. But that’s not all: our dressing also adds a protective layer, protecting your vehicle’s surfaces from harmful UV rays, dust and dirt. Experience the transformation yourself. Choose our Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Dressing and unlock a new level of style.



• Restores & Renews: Gives vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces a renewed appearance.

• UV Protection: Protects against UV rays to prevent fading and cracking.

• Deep Hydration: Nourishes and hydrates to enhance original color and prevent dehydration.

• Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of internal and external surfaces, including dashboards and finishes.

• Long-lasting Shield: Creates a protective layer, protects against environmental influences and maintains a renewed appearance.


• Note: Always test on a small, inconspicuous area before first use to ensure compatibility.


Find the safety information here: Vinyl Rubber Plastic Dressing


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